Prabhakaran’s Mom rejects India’s Visa Offer

According to the sources from Home Minstry, Parvathi Ammal, Slain (LTTE) leader Prabhakaran’s mother has refused India’s visa offer as well as the conditions decked with her visit to Tamil Nadu.

Parvathi was due to come to India for a medical treatment but was bound with certain conditions which barred her to make any association with the political parties or those which have any collaboration with cliques which are barred in India.

The Centre affirmed that her visit should be linked wit her getting treatment in India and should confine her stay in the hospital itself. Also, other conditions include that she would only make communications with those acquaintances which are specified in the list. This was confirmed by Chief Minister M Karunanidhi in his earlier speeches.

Now reports are coming that Parvathi has said a big “NO” to the offer to provide her with a conditional visit for her Tamil Nadu visit. She also conveyed the message that she has no intentions to be treated as a prisoner, especially knowing the conditions that she has not done anything illegal.

Monday saw her flying back to Sri Lanka from Malaysia after rejecting the offer made by Indian officials. Now she has confined herself in her house in Jaffna, where she intends to live for the remaining years of her life.

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