Problems regarding the EB – 5 Visa

Many prospective immigrant investors consider it wastage of money to consult an immigration expert before actually filing an application. But most of them forget that it is due to the lack of right information that many a times problems arise. Seeking the appropriate guidance and advice is the key to get a visa in the right manner.

There are various aspects that need to be understood by an immigrant investor especially in the case of the prospective EB – 5 investors. These include the legal aspects, investment requirements and other areas of practicality which are otherwise not specified.

Another point to be considered here is that the information provided by the visa office is highly restricted. If noted carefully, the information is provided with a lot of ambiguity. In the beginning the investor might seem to have understood. However, he might at a later stage find himself totally confused due to the lack of complete information.

The main aspect with the EB – 5 programs is that it is subject to cancellation after 2 years if the enterprise does not meet the requirements. This basically refers to the lack of jobs creation by the business enterprise. With this, there is less to verify by an applicant especially with reference to a few points of which the applicants are made aware off. Also, there are certain aspects which do not come to light until they are removed from the criteria.

In addition to the above, most of the information brochures and programs tend to focus on the positive aspects involving an endeavor to promote the program. This tends to hide the other aspects which at times are important than the positive factors. Thus, it is highly suggested to take professional advice from a seasoned immigration and visa consultant. An outsider’s opinion is of much more importance here. For obvious reasons, this could not be expected by the authorities to explain.

In order to the get the right perspectives, ensure that you get in touch with the right consultant who deals with the particular program in the EB – 5 category for which you are applying.

Above all, self help can also prove to be of great use before consulting an Immigration Specialist. This would help you better prepare with all the questions regarding the same. Also, you would be in a better position to understand what is suggested and recommended by the expert.

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