Refugees Moved to Sydney’s Villawood

The sixty asylum seekers at the Christmas Island included Iraqis who were shifted to the Villawood Detention Centre in Sydney. These asylum seekers would found as a boat crew which also has many small children.

These Iraqi men made an attempt to protest on the North West Point detention centre which is at the remote of the Christmas Island. These men are among those thirty four people on the pathway to be removed and thus have been sent to Villawood. They have been told that the Australian Immigration Department does not owe any form of protection for these people.

It was noticed that inspite of their constant protects, these men did not seem to be angry. Some of them were found to be rejoicing at the thought of reconciling with their other asylum mates.

According to the Coordinator of the Refugee and Immigration Legal Centre in Melbourne, David Manne, it would not be right for the government to state that these men are on the pathway to be removed or rather “Removal Pathway” before their situation has been evaluated in the court.

It has to be realized that all refugees at the Christmas Island are within rights to compete for a prior decision brought out by the department in a merit review that is independent. This process is non – statutory in nature which is aimed to reflect the Refugee Review Tribunal.

As per Manne, a minimum of a third of the entire refugees are found to attain success on these Refugee Review Tribunal.

Thus, appropriate words to be used are a must since it is their future which is at stake.

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