Registered Nurse – 254499 ANZSCO (Australia)!

The ANZSCO list of occupations is attired with those occupations for skilled people which are in demand in Australia. Registered Nurse appears in both Schedule 3 and 4. Therefore, the applicants can apply under any of the options. The occupation is one of the categories listed on the ANZSCO list of occupation. Applicants linked with this field are in high demand in Australia as some of the specializations may include Acute Care Nurse, Aged Care Burse, Rural Area Nurse, to name a few. The applicant is required to meet some of the main duties/tasks needed to qualify for the same.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Offer nursing assistance for patients in medical institutions
  • Assess and make plans in accordance with the requirements within the accepted standards of nursing.
  • Assist medical professionals on the facet of examining patients and the people who come to health care institutions for the assistance.
  • Liaises with other health professionals and consult them on various issues.
  • Promote aspects like health care programs and participate in health care programs.
  • Hold specialization in various areas.
  • Supervise nurses and other medical professionals, where ever needed.


  • The entry level mandate needed in this profession is to hold a Bachelor Degree or a higher level qualification.
  • It is essential to get registration or licensing.

This profession is soon going to be one of the most demanded and applauded professions in Australia. With advanced medical facilities in the country, people associated with the profession of Registered Nurse may find perfect employments in their genres.

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