Reid’s Immigration Reform Efforts Faces Resistance!

Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader has been opposed with strong resistance against his campaign for immigration law reform in the United States. The reason for the opposition has been his efforts for the DREAM Act to be passed.

With the implementation of the DREAM Act, those migrants living illegally in the United States would be granted a legal status with certain terms and conditions applied. This is specific to those people who came to the United States as children of undocumented migrants. However, this would cater to those people who are attending college or would serve in the US military.

On the other hand, the Republican Opponents which include some important people such as George LeMieux from Florida and George Voinovich from Ohio have resisted to this effort by Reid. These Republicans were targeted for support of this bull. This was done to cater to an estimation of six Republicans who were required for the bill to pass.

At the same time, there were other senators as well who supported the act of immigration reform in the United States. However, they were not very appreciative of the approach taken by Reid. These senators expect a bill which is more comprehensive in nature catering to visas and enforcement for the workers.

According to Senator Judd Gregg from New Hampshire, the legal status should be given only as a part of the comprehensive reform so as to make sure that the real issue of broken immigration system is being addressed to.

Considering the above, Senator Reid is currently in short of time for this bill to be passed. The chances for passing this bill would be lost once the Democrats lose control of the House of Representatives leading to the seats being dropped next year.

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