Report on Immigration Detention Released!

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano under the Obama administration today came out with the report on Immigration Detention. The chronicle by Dora Schriro throws light on the fact that the largest segment of people picked in detention is of non-criminals.

The Government has always been in a favor of implementing immigration enforcement only on criminal convicts, but this 35-page report has come as astonishment to everyone and points out at an inappropriate penal system that needs to be revamped in every manner – A penal system that has been accused of unfair detentions, in-custody deaths and unkind treatment.

Figures show that almost 60% of the population detained in 2009 had been turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Also a majority of people were detained through the Criminal Alien Program, with 57% of them having no criminal convictions.

In addition, others were sent through a program called 287(g) – with 65% of them falling in the category of non-criminals. The figures are quiet surprising.

But the fact is that with so many brilliant opportunities, plenty of immigrants head on towards America every year. With so many efforts going on for the betterment of immigrants, the country has always been a prospective place to migrate.

You can just pack your bags and head on towards the most exciting journey of your life.

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