Report Predicts Reduction in Western Australia’s Migration Level!

A report by BIS Shrapnel predicted that Western Australia might accept just more than half of its current number of migrants in the next two years. The report has taken many factors like temporary work visa expiry; completion of overseas students’ studies; and the high Australian dollar into account that constitute the reason for the fall in migration levels in the coming years.

The report says that Western Australia’s net overseas migration will drop from 45,000 in 2009 to 24,000 by 2012. In the same way, Australia’s migration will be cut down to 145,000 in 2012 from 299,000 in 2009.

According to a BIS Shrapnel economist, when the migration level would drop down, there would be labor shortages in many sectors in the job market. Indeed, the cut in the incoming number of overseas people into Australia is a major concern, says the head of the Chamber of Minerals and Energy, West Australia. The Chamber’s chief executive mentioned that when the demand for workers is growing sharply, the cut will definitely make an impact on the sector.

The head of the Chamber said that the Minerals and Energy sector will generate extra 30,000 permanent jobs in the coming days. Along, the construction sector is also expected to create supplementary posts in next five years. However, with migration level going down, the expected job growth will be planned properly. The Chamber of Minerals and Energy and the Chamber of Commerce are already working out an immigration plan with Western Australian government for the state.

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