Scope of “Agriculture” industry in Quebec!

There can be two facets when we talk about the “agriculture” industry in Quebec. One is the actual agriculture and other is forestry! The best part about Quebec is that is blessed with rich and easily arable mud which makes it a perfect place to make a career in agriculture. The sub-categories are endless. Some of them are Animal agriculture, animal specialities, cash grains, chicken eggs, farm supplies, tobacco and wheat, to name a few.

In addition, the warm climate fulfils all the requirements that one needs to have a healthy crop culture in the land of Quebec, making it one of the most prolific agricultural area. People linked with agriculture can find career in the industry of dairy products, vegetables, fruit market, fish, maple syrup and foie gras, to name a few.

Coming to the aspect of forestry, Quebec offers ample scope for producing pulp, paper and lumber. Moreover, the industry of pulp and paper is a million dollar industry, hence providing so many opportunities to people intending to immigrate under such category.

The province is also attired with an extensive renewable forest resource area which means the industry is here to stay for a long time. Some of the companies linked with this profession are Bermaska Farms Inc, Entreprises Max Fried Inc, Les, Produits Bel Horizon Inc, Les, Verger Gosselin, Plouffe, Marcel, and Ferme Domino Inc, to name a few.

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