Scotland Not Happy with UK’s Immigration Policies!

With the unveiling of the UK’s new immigration cap for non European Union nations, here come many oppositions and dissatisfaction from many countries and groups. The European country Scotland recently claimed that the harder policies the nation is going to implement in the near future on immigration front is not going to help in its economic growth. Rather, tougher immigration regulations are disadvantageous for the economy, since they are likely to discourage overseas talents from immigrating to United Kingdom.

Scotland’s Culture Minister, Fiona Hyslop made special mention about the UK Government’s decision to implement permanent immigration cap during her speech at the Edinburgh University. She said that the permanent cap is going to damage the United Kingdom’s ability to attract top overseas talents.

The Minister was also caught saying that Scotland should be given the freedom when it comes immigration; so that the country could continue attract more skilled workers and students from across the world. Well, the Scottish Government is intending to have its own annual immigration allowance, which is different from the United Kingdom’s national immigration cap.

The United Kingdom and Scotland contradict when it comes to their immigration ideologies. According to the Scottish Culture Minister, the country is concerned about increasing the size of its population, rather than limiting it in order to achieve sustainable economic growth. She also mentioned that skilled immigration is important for, many sectors in Scotland, such as life sciences, renewable energy, creative arts and education.

The permanent immigration cap the UK is going to implement is definitely not beneficial for every country in the nation. The Minister of Scotland said that the cap is not right the country’s business, economic growth, and its colleges and universities.

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