Skilled Migrants Worrying Over Australia’s Recent Immigration Scenario!

With a lot of changes in immigration front and series of controversies going around about Australia, many people are found to be much concerned about the image of the country of late. Australia was never discussed like it has been discussed recently. Even the country’s ministers are found worrying about the brand the country has developed so far as one of the most welcoming and unbiased societies across the globe. But, most worried are the people who were considering a permanent move to Australia.

Most migrants with an intention to take permanent residency in the country no more hold the perception that the land of Kangaroos is a secure destination, thanks to the series of factors pertaining to immigration rules and ongoing racial attacks. According to immigration experts, the latest legislative changes, harder selection criteria, alongside the attacks on migrant students and breakdown of private education institutions are enough reasons to make overseas migrants give a second thought to their decision to migrate to Australia. Going by this, many prospective migrants would not put the country in their priority list of destinations.

While talking about the skilled migrants, let us remind you about the latest amendments to the Australian selection process. The very selection process has been made tougher as the country is attempting to attract skilled migrants, emphasizing only on those occupations that have highest skills shortages.

A lot is happening in Australia in the immigration front- the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL) being abolished; the Skilled Occupation List is going to be replaced, with which the skilled migrants are worrying about their future in the country.

Anyway, if your are looking forward to migrate to Australia in the near future, it is advised to hire an Immigration and Visa consultant in order to keep up with the latest amendments taking place in the country!

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