South African Home Affairs Welcomes Canada’s Decision for Huntley’s Deportation!

The Department of Home Affairs in South Africa is looking forward to Brandon Huntley’s return. He was granted the status of a refugee in Canada which the Home Affairs department feels should have never been granted to him. He had applied for the above status because of accusations pertaining to racial persecution. He would soon be subject to deportation back to South Africa.

He had claimed that being a white man in South Africa, he was being persecuted by black people. This led to further controversy which made the Canadian Immigration Board to take the decision of his deportation.

According to Ronnie Mamoepa from the Department of Home Affairs, they are eager to welcome Huntley back to where he belongs that is in South Africa. The decision made by the court in Canada is also welcomed. Huntley is not worthy of obtaining a refugee status, especially for the reasons that have been put forth by him.

The decision to grant a refugee status by the Canadian Immigration Board has been strongly condemned by the government. This is especially after Huntley has said that the government of South Africa has done nothing so as to protect the white in South Africa from the black criminals.

Initially, a judge from a Federal Court in Canada had ruled that the decision regarding him to be granted a refugee status was completely flawed. More so, Huntley is present in Canada to seek employment and has no other reason to be in the nation.

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