Sponsor Face the “Onus” for UK Student Visa

Britain Minister, Pat McFadden, in a recent interview said that UK is intending to make the immigration rules stringent for students who come here to study from all over the world, including India. He affirmed that the matter came after holding a two-hour meeting with Indian HRD minister Kapil Sibal, who is recently on his four-day visit to Britain.

Pat McFadden further cleared some facets on “highly trusted sponsor,” and stated that a responsibility would be place on this person certifying that the entry of a student visa holder is genuine and not used solely for immigration purposes.

Nothing has been confirmed from Sibal’s side, nor has the Indian High Commission elaborated anything on the matter. Issue of fake students (http://blog.abhinav.com/fake-student-visa-holders-entering-the-uk/) was also discussed as the minister affirmed that his department would also keep a strict check on bogus colleges.

British media authenticates that various rackets working in the UK, transfer money to the bank accounts of their clients in Punjab in order to ensure that they fulfill the mandatory financial requirements for the application process.

Illegal Immigration, as it is called, must be taken care of carefully, as it harms the applicant as well as the prospective country to which they are migrating to. Always take guidance from an ace Immigration guide to ensure that all formalities are carried out in a legal manner.

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