Statistics – UK Immigration

According to Phil Woolas, Border and Immigration Minister, migrants come to the UK for a short duration of time, get employed here, work for a short time and then return back to their country. This leaves a direct impact on the net immigration,

According to the Home Office, here are some of the figures which elaborate on the aspect of migration:

  • For the period of July to September 2009, 29,085 applications came from the people of EU countries to work in the UK.
  • These workers applied under the worker registration scheme
  • The figure showed that the number was 41,265 for the same period as compared to the last year. This shows that there was a net decrease in the number of migration in the UK.
  • The net migration decreased to 163000 in the year 2008 as compared to 233000 in the year 2007.
  • As far as the asylum applicants are concerned, the figures fell by a heavy margin to 5055 for the quarter of 2009 as compared to 2008.
  • But the pace of processing as far as asylum cases are concerned has increased by a margin of 38% as compared to 2008.

A majority of applicants coming to settle down in the UK are British citizens, as far as statistics are concerned. Minister Phil Woolas further added that they have made UK a hostile place for illegal applicants planning to immigrate to the UK.

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