Stringent Visa Measures by Australia – A Fight against Terrorism!

According to reports, Government of Australia is planning to come out with strict checks on applicants who come from nations applauded at high risk of terrorism. The new amendments would accommodate measures like collection of fingerprints, facial imaging data, to name a few.

The strict measures would keep terrorists away from seeking entry in Australia; Prime Minister Kevin Rudd confirmed the statement. He went on to say that Terrorism is one of permanent facets of Aussie security ambiance, confirming that the nation has become one of the soft targets, especially after the eminence of jihadist movement! However, the names of those countries which would be subjected to the new amendments have not come out in the limelight yet.

Cameron Murphy, president NSW Civil Liberties Council, feels that making the rules rigid and implementing imaging data would only lead to breaching the privacy of immigrants rather than fighting terrorism.

In addition to global jihadist movement, Australia face threats from those terrorists who are born and brought up in Aussie Land, the report confirmed. The report highlighted an incident where a judge sentenced five Aussie culprits for accumulating explosive goods to be used in criminal activities. Last year, five people were arrested for plotting an attack against Sydney military barracks. These, along with other occurrences, indicate that the Australia faces threats from overseas as well as homegrown terrorists.

Opposition leader Tony Abbott criticized the Rudd government for being too lax in acknowledging such issues. He said that the country surely faces security problems and the borders are totally out of control!

In another news piece, Australia has also tightened regulations for overseas students studying or intending to study in Australian colleges.

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