Survey study reveals the effect of Prince Edward County’s immigration policy!

According to the survey research done by the University center the immigration policy of Prince William County is affecting the Hispanic population of the County.

This report was released on 16th November 2010. After this policy was implemented a sizeable fraction of illegal immigrant left the County, somewhere between 2000-6000!

The policy also had a positive influence on the administration of the County. 46.7% drop in the number of aggravated assaults has been observed since the introduction of the policy. There was also a clear reduction in hit and run cases and drunken public activities. The people arrested in the County had only 6% immigrants, this change came eventually after 2 years of the policy implementation.

The policy was originally brought in to action in 2007, it insisted the police officers to look in to the immigration status of an individual during detentions, traffic stops etc where they were questioned for being undocumented. However, such actions spelled unconstitutionality and racism. The policy on these grounds was modified in 2008. This modification instructed the police officers to question individuals based on their immigration status and not on the suspected illegal status.

Corey Stewart, the Prince William County Board Chairman has been quite stern to tackle illegal immigration in the County. And has stated that this policy has helped to provide better public security and drive out criminals.

Hispanics have comprised the majority of the non-citizen community of the County. This policy has a raised a sense of fear in the minds of the Hispanics against the government. Local citizen Melissa Gieras has testified this.

With the reduction in clients the economy of the County has been affected. Local Hispanic businesses have also suffered. The implementation of the policy alone cost a staggering $3 million! Many immigrants walked on their mortgages, this has led to the decrease in the revenue generated from property taxes. The reduction in the overall revenue has caused an impact on the funding of police or educational services.

Stewart is planning to promote the County model across Commonwealth. And states that such model is for the greater glory and has been quite efficient and fair.

Such a model has also been proposed in Texas by the Texas state rep. Debbie Riddle and R-Tomball.

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