The British Prime Minister’s Words on Immigration!

The British Prime Minister James Gordon Brown recently spoke a few words on Immigration, key points for the same are as follows:

  • Applicants applying for immigration as well as already present migrants must obey the British rules. They must make contribution to the British society and should have a proficiency in the English language.
  • The in-demand occupation list will see some removal of the current occupations. In addition, it is mandatory for the employers to advertise in order to provide evidence that they are not able to get workers from the resident labor market.
  • Reducing the in-demand list would further reduce the number of skilled workers coming to the UK.
  • Illegal student work permit would be prevented after reviewing Student visa policies.

Mr. Brown further elaborated that Immigration is not a taboo subject. It is a matter of British values, preserving the communities, what it takes to be a British citizen and what are the responsibilities associated with the same.

These measures are to ensure legal immigration that works in favor of both the prospective country as well as prospective migrant. Hire an Immigration and Visa expert today.

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