The Immigration Minister defends Canada’s new citizenship test!

Jason Kenney Canada’s Immigration Minister is defending the new and tougher citizenship test requiring 75% pass percentage compared to the earlier 60%. He asserts that a difficult test will ensure the proficiency in Canadian official languages i.e. the English and the French.

Jason Kenney in an interview with the National Post said that many people despite of migrating to Canada demonstrated mediocre language skills and added that as Canadian citizens, good language skills in English or French were a must.

The introduction the revised guide “Discover Canada” having more detailed information about the history, politics and culture of Canada also brought an increase in the failure rate to 30%. According to Kenney as a Canadian citizen comprehensive knowledge of Canada was absolutely essential, he further elaborated that if the guide was well studied than the test questions would not be a problem.

This new test has 20 multiple choice questions which are totally jumbled up. The time given to answer these questions is 30 minutes. Unlike the old test the questions would not be the same. Kenney said that the typical questions of the previous test had leaked and many candidates cheated during their test. The new test would discourage that.

It may be noted that majority of the 250,000 international immigrants to Canada, came under the family category to the nation and their proficiency in English was not required since they would not contribute to the economy.

According to Martin Collacott, the board member of the Centre of Immigration and Policy Reform and previously Canadian ambassador to Syria and Lebanon, said that the immigration legislation is detached from the interests of Canadians. He says that getting the 75% pass mark criteria gets Canada on par with Australia and UK. He said that holding many degrees and not having sufficient proficiency in the languages is not a good deal.

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