Things Permanent Residents Should Know…

In order to maintain the status of “PR” in a particular country, the applicants are required to keep certain aspects in mind. Let us consider those aspects for a country like US:

First of all, you must intent to live on a permanent basis in the US. For instance if you choose to move/reside to another country permanently, the decision may affect your chances of getting citizenship in the US. Extended Stay in another country might also hamper the case. So make your decisions wisely.

This does not mean that you cannot travel outside the US premises! Of course, you can… For this, you would be requiring a passport, travel documents and your green card, along with other mandatory documents. There is a particular time span defined as to how long the permanent residents can remain outside the country. Here are some of facets:

US Citizens hold the right to stay outside the US indefinitely, but the Permanent Residents require special documents to leave and re-enter the premises. For instance, if the PR leaves the country and re-enters within one year, he or she is just required to show a green card, where ever asked.

If the trip lasts somewhere between one and two years, the permanent resident is required to get a re-entry permit. On the other hand, a Returning Resident Visa is required, if the visit lasts for more than two years outside the US premises. Failing to fulfill the condition, you may be abandoned from your PR Status.

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