Tussle on Using King’s Name

Immigration reform is now being considered as another form of civil rights by many immigration lawyers. Many advocates are finding the same form of enthusiasm which was once related to civil rights.

According to sources, there are around twelve million immigrants who have been isolated since they are not documented. So, they are living in the United States yet they are away from the rest of the world, segregated to one corner. The very existence of democracy in the United States is being questioned right now with millions of people living with no rights at all.

On the occasion of a national holiday in the honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; many immigrants from different communities came together to support the cause. Their main aim was to raise voice to lawfully permit the illegal immigrants. More than twelve hundred immigrants participated at the event held in the First Baptist Church Congregational Church recently. The immigrants belonged to various communities such as those of black and other religious groups.

Since, Martin Luther King is an icon who was trying to unite people; this occasion was considered as being apt to raise a similar.

On the other hand, issue has been raised against those who have been using King’s name for one’s own purpose. According to a few, King’s message is meant for the American and thus, it has no relation to immigration reform.

According to them, civil rights cater to those rights which are not political and are meant for the citizens of United States. It obviously means that these rights do not imply to those who are residing in the country unlawfully. Except for being treated humane, they are not liable for any other rights.

Amidst the entire tussle between the two, it has to be seen whether the impact on these illegal immigrants is better or worse.

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