UK’s Failed Asylum system for Minors!

It seems UK’s Gordon Brown-led Labor government is not going to say goodbye to controversies very soon. Of late, the legal aid asylum system for children in the UK introduced by the former Labor administration is being criticized for its ineffectiveness. In other words, the new system which came into effect in November last year has not been able to promote the betterment of the minor asylum seekers. The system is facing widespread criticism in the UK.

The Labor administration’s sole purpose behind including the provision in the Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Act 2009 was to upgrade the condition of the children who seek refuge in the UK. It was introduced in an intention to improve the way how the children are treated in the nation. As per the new legislation, the UK Border Agency and the UK Home Office are responsible for the safeguard of the child refuge seekers inside the United Kingdom.

According to campaigners, the legislation is far from bringing any change to the child asylum system in the nation. Even though, the UK’s new coalition government has promised that it would give an end to the child detention for immigration related purposes in the nation, campaigners are demanding changes to the legal process in order to achieve satisfactory improvement when it comes to children involved in immigration cases, like asylum.

As per the official figures, UK boasted 4,200 unescorted minor refuge seekers in March, 2010. These children were looked after by local authorities. Over the first three months of this year, a total of 230 children were put into immigration detention and 90 minors were deported from the nation after completion of the detention period, which is 18 percent down from the figures of 2009!

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