UK’s One Third of Highly Skilled Immigrants Engaged in Low-skilled Jobs!

United Kingdom has the reputation of one of the most popular immigration destinations in the world. Every year the nation welcomes thousands of immigrations from each corner of the globe. People do immigrate to this prosperous nation to work, live and lead a better life. UK is a paradise for skilled professionals/entrepreneurs and it offers a lot of scores in exploring the job market.

But, a recent study has revealed that one-third of the highly skilled immigrants to the United Kingdom are engaged in lower skilled jobs. The survey took the UK Tier 1 Visa holders statistics into consideration. The UK Border Agency’s report was published recently, which stated that twenty-nine percent of the overseas skilled people entering the UK were engaged in underrated occupations. Only twenty-five percent immigrants were employed in skilled jobs, while it was unclear what the rest forty-six percent of the immigrants were doing in the United Kingdom.

Tier 1 UK Visas is that category that let highly skilled overseas people to live and work in the United Kingdom. Applicants are assessed whether they are eligible for holding the visa or not on the basis of a number of factors, including their education, skills and experience. However, applicants are not required to possess an employment offer in order to immigrate unlike what does happen in case of Tier 2 UK Visas.

The UK Immigration Minister, Damian Green is not happy with the trend and he wants to bring difference to it. He said that the people who immigrate under the Tier 2 UK visa category as highly skilled migrant must engage in highly skilled jobs. He does not appreciate when the scheme is used by people to enter the United Kingdom to engage in the low-skilled jobs market.

The study also stated a job/profession is classified as a skilled work if it pays more than 25,000 Euros per annum and a profession that offers less than 25,000 Euros per year is identified as unskilled work!

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