UK’s Temporary Immigration Cap for Non-EU Migrants!

When the UK’s Coalition government is once again chose to review the policy to impose a permanent immigration cap on non-European Union migrant workers, in the meanwhile, the nation is going to have limit on the number of outside EU migrant workers, however on temporary basis.

The nation’s Home Secretary, Theresa May will reportedly, introduce a cap for the workers belong to non-European Union countries, who want to enter the United Kingdom. It is being learnt that the temporary limit of migrant workers would be 24,100 from now onwards until April 2011. The government is considering this temporary measure to ensure that applications do not overflow before the government’s big plans to impose the permanent cap on non-EU migrant workers realize by mid-2011.

The Home Secretary will officially announce about the temporary measure next week, when she will launch a consultation, as the Conservative ministers are showing their willingness to review the permanent immigration cap on the migrant workers from outside the EU nations.

The Conservative party is still committed to have the permanent immigration cap, as it was one of those promises the party made during the election campaigns. The party’s leader and the UK’s current Prime Minister, David Cameron wanted to lower the nation’s net migration level to the level of 1990s. But, many people, including the Education Secretary and many British employers have warned the government that such an immigration cap would hurt the nation’s economy and the nation would miss out on best of the international talents.

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