UK Immigration Authorities Refuse Pope’s Request!

Reportedly, Pope Benedict’s request to reside in the United Kingdom has been refused by the nation’s immigration authorities. It is heard that the authorities had to turn down Pope’s request because he is not proficient in speaking English, which will create difficulty in living in the English land!

Pope Benedict of Vatican was planning to relocate to Birmingham, but as of now nothing has been advanced in this aspect, as Pope takes the case to the Appeal Court. The Vatican authorities are furious at the UK immigration authorities’ decision to prevent Pope from moving to the United Kingdom. A spokesperson of the religious head of the Vatican City was caught saying that regarding the case they may also take the issue to the European Court of Human Rights. However, he also said that if any of the above mentioned measures does not work, the Pope will make sure that he takes a crash course in English.

Measures will be taken in order to facilitate the Pope to move from Vatican to the United Kingdom, to fulfill his desire! The UK immigration authorities’ decision to obstruct the religious head of Vatican from relocating to the British land shows that the nation is secular in their approach. While knowledge of English is one of the basic criteria when it comes to immigrating to the UK, the immigration officials demonstrated that they treat everyone the same. Like every common man is required to meet the basic requirements in order to be qualified to immigrate, the Pope must also fulfill the requirements!

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