UK Immigration fees to hike in October – November, 2010!

UK immigration has declared that there will be a further increase in the UK immigration fees. “Below Cost” UK Visa fees is to be increased on 1st October, 2010. The rest of the majority of the fees will be increased in November, 2010, if approved by the Parliament. The further fees increase is somehow argumentative due to certain major increases in fees on 6th April, 2010. So, a National of a Non- EU country certainly has to pay higher to gain entry to UK.

This is just another effort made by the UK Government to raise their funds. These fees increments cannot be simply justified to deal with immigration applications as they are set enormously higher than fees which are required to pay for processing the same applications. The Government has also mentioned in the past that hiked fees will also help paying for other expenditures that are the consequence of immigration to the UK. There is a significant proof which concludes that the increased immigration fees have been of great help to UK specially in increasing the economic boom in the country.

The UK border agency says that the recommendations to increase immigration fees continue to conserve the appropriate balance between maintaining effective and a very secure UK border services. Furthermore, it also ensures that it still continues to attract the visitors and the migrants who make the valued contribution to the country.

UK tier visa fee increments are as follows:

  • Initially the Tier 1 visa at consular post from outside was £690 and now it has increased to £750.
  • Earlier the Tier 1 visa from within the country was £840 and now it has hiked to £850.
  • Tier 2 visa fee which was £270 has increased to £350.
  • Similarly, Tier 2 visa within the UK has increased from £475 to £500.
  • Initially a tier 4 visa fee was £199 and now it has reached £220 with Tier 4 visa fee from within the country remaining same i.e. £357.
  • Tier 5 visa fee has increased from £128 – £130.

The above data clearly states that the major increase in UK immigration is for Tier 1 and Tier 2 UK visa applicants from outside the country.

Similarly, the visit UK visa fee increments are as follows:

  • Short term visit visas (up to 6 months) – £68 to £70.
  • 2 year long visit visa – £230 to £245.
  • 5 year long visit visa – £420 to £450.
  • 10 year long visit visa – £610 to £650.
  • Permanent residence visa – £644 to £750.

Therefore, in order to avoid paying elevated UK Government visa fees, apply sooner rather than later.

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