UK Student Visa rules – Not of Good Quality!

According to Universities UK, the student visa rules for overseas students intending to move to UK to study in the UK universities are of poor quality. Hence UK Universities has recommended the educational institutions in the UK not to apply for a “highly trusted sponsor” as the UK student visa rules are of bad quality and were implemented without any prior conference.

It is known that the “highly trusted sponsor” came into act in order to bar the undocumented applicants from entering the country and remove the chances of any fraud in the immigration policies.

The educational institutions in the UK have been provided the deadline till June 30th to apply for this scheme, but they have been told by the UK universities to think about applying for the scheme all over again.

Critics believe that the newly proposed scheme would not do much benefit to the UK universities, fearing that it would rather damage the reputations of the universities, provided they fail to qualify the standards or find themselves unable to match the status which is renewed on a yearly basis.

In order to gain eligibility for the scheme, it is mandatory for the sponsors to make sure that a minimum of three per cent of overseas students fail to finish their courses, and the number should not exceed the limit. In addition to that, university staff is required to go for an in-depth background analysis on the applicants intending to study in the universities.

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