UK Work Visa sparks Positive News for ‘Brightest and Best’ Indian minds

Are you an Indian who possesses a PhD in a STEM subject (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) along with being proficient in English, having an offered salary of £25,600 or above in a high skill-cum-shortage area? If yes, there is good news for you if you have applied for your UK work visa.

If you fulfill all the above eligibility requirements, without delay you will be granted a five-year work visa by Britain under a “Points-based Immigration System” that is scheduled to come in to effect during January 1 of the upcoming year.

This kind of qualification in return would fetch the desired applicant an extra 110 points, whereas even if you score 70 points, it is enough for you to get a UK work visa, that can secure you permanent residence in UK, with a lot more benefits and perks.

To this development in relation to UK work visa For Indians the House of Commons, British Home Secretary Priti Patel said “it will enable the UK to become a magnet for the brightest and the best”. In the future time, she will launch the bill to render into law the proposed system. Given the majority of Prime Minister Boris government there will be no delay in transitioning of this legislation in to a statute.

This is seen as good news for high-skilled Indians who come under the category of reformed “Global Talent” route for leading scientists, researchers, and mathematicians. So, if you are wondering on how to immigrate to UK from India there is no better route than being brightest and best’ Indian minds who have the potential to create a secure and high qualify of living for themselves as well as their families.


As an individual if you are having a family comprising of five family members you will be required to pay £21,299 prior to entering Britain. As a primary applicant the cost would be £3,220, and if you are with a spouse then it would escalate to £6,500.

This Australian kind of point system will even encapsulate not only international students as well as students from India who are some of the brightest and the most promising minds. If they will be able to showcase, they have admission in principle at a recognized educational institution, can flu admission in principle at a recognized educational institution, can fluently speak English and can support themselves during the duration of their education, will be able to get the required points that is needed to be eligible for UK work visa.

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