Under – 19 World Cup Players’ Passports Seized Temporarily

With the under – 19 world cup on the go, specific measures have been taken to ensure that more illegal immigrants are not added to the already increasing numbers. At the World Cup being held in New Zealand, the ICC has asked all the players participating and representing different countries to submit their passports till the time the event is happening.

This measure has been taken in light of the recent escapades by players at similar occasions earlier. In the under – 19 qualifying tournament which was being held at Toronto last September, many players went missing which was later deduced as being fled. In order to cope and ensure that such instances do not happen, all the players had to handover their passports to the New Zealand cricket officials.

At an event where sportsmanship and taking pride in representing one’s own nation is at the core, such incidents are an embarrassment to the particular nation. The recent cases include 7 cricketers from Uganda who have fled in Toronto. These cricketers were initially thought to be missing.

Another similar incident took soon after the above where in 5 players from Afghanistan along with an assistant coach disappeared. However, the management refused to accept the claim but later on, they had to give in.

With people, especially those from the developing nations seeking better living and working conditions, this has become the new route of escapade latterly.

All in all, it is shocking to see players who lack the pride for their nation and instead, may be in search of self – sufficient goals, even at the cost of their nations’ embarrassment. This has resulted in the stricter checks as above.

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