United States’ Growing Foreign-born Residents!

The number of US-born foreign people is growing over the recent years. According to reports, the immigrant population in the nation reached about thirty-eight million in the year 2008. The number constituted for about 12 percent of the United States’ total population. Besides, it is more than the total population of Canada. It clearly indicates how fast the immigrant population is growing in the US in recent years and this also crops up the issue how it affects the nation as a whole!

When we think about the affects of the growing number of immigrant population, many things come to our minds. One of those is the newly implemented Arizona bill. Many tend to think that, is increasing number of overseas-born population is a contributor to the growing tension over illegal immigration in Arizona, which eventually led to the controversial new legislation in the state? This also makes us think are all states in the US experiencing similar growth? As a result, are we expecting similar tensions all over the nation in coming days?

Apparently, Arizona is not one of those states in the United States, which have the most foreign-born residents. But, of late the state has witnessed some of the most unexpected increase of foreign born people since 1990. This has made Arizona’s population (foreign-born) to go over 900,000 from less than 300,000 over twenty years. This might be one of the reasons why the voters in Arizona agreed to vote for a law that has been criticized on large scale of late. And the law has been stimulating racial discrimination in the state.

Besides, California happens to be the state that has the highest number of foreign-born resident. Twenty-seven percent of the state’s total population, which accounts for nearly 10 million is born outside of America. Other states with large numbers of foreign-born residents include New York with 4.2 million; Texas with 3.9 million; and Florida with 3.4 million.

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