Vancouver Winter Olympics –Day 11 – Situation till Now!

United States is still in lead, as far as grabbing medals is concerned. Performance surely has a major role to play in their triumph, but there is one major factor which has come into existence in their road to success. Competing in Canada is just like playing in a playground next door, without much diversion seen in culture, language or ethnicity. Surely US hold an added advantage as they are familiar with Canadian ambiance.

Coming back to the recent results, United States went on to post a glorious victory over Canada in ice-hockey, beating the host by a quick margin of 5-3. The loss has surely stunned the Canadian team as it was not expected as the outcome!

According to reports, more than half of the Canadian population glued to their television sets to watch the event on Sunday! The stats make it as one of the most watched events in Canadian celluloid history.

Let us have a look at the medal Count: United States is leading with 25 medals, with Germany following it with 21 medals and Norway having a medal count of 14 till now. Others following the race are Russian Federation, Canada and Korea with 11, 10 and 9 medals each.

In another new piece, Canada managed to grab a gold medal in the ice dance competition, courtesy its ace skaters Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. The medal was far more special, as it was Canada’s debut gold medal in ice dancing.

Stay tuned for more coverage on Vancouver Winter Olympics!

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