Western Australia, ACT Applauded as Nation’s Best Performing Economies

Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory were recently applauded as Australia’s best-performing economies, certainly a brilliant news for all those immigrants planning to migrate to these two places. On the contrary, New South Wales bagged the last place.

The government of New South Wales claims that the data contains some of the outdated figures and the situation has enhanced in a massive way. The best thing is that CommSec’s quarterly State of the States report regarded Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory, as the best economies with the former excelling in the mining sector every moment. On the other hand, the excellent growth of the Australian Capital Territory owes its success to the exceptional growth in the residential construction and its sales.

Craig James, who is the CommSec chief economist, said that the overall aspect of housing finance is boosting the economy in a major way. Both the places certainly hold that X Factor that helped them in gaining the first position, he elaborated.

The third position was grabbed by Tasmania, but Victoria showed the maximum improvement as far as all the economies are concerned. South Australia, Queensland, Victoria, and the Northern Territory came after Tasmania. The data clearly points out in the direction that Australia, as an overall identity is emerging as one of the most assured countries to immigrate and ensure a bright future.

You can also download the audio file by clicking this link:   http://mpegmedia.abc.net.au/news/audio/am/201001/20100111-states.mp3

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