White House Never Said “No” to Immigration Reform!

With accusations that the Obama government has done little for immigration reform, the White House finally replied back. Robert Gibbs, the spokesman for President Obama said the President has always supported for immigration reform.

This response came when the Republican Senator Graham threatened to give away with his work in collaboration the Democrat Senator Charles Schumer to frame an immigration bill. According to Graham, President Obama seemed least interested and thus, it is no point on working on such issues which would involve bipartisan support.

As per Graham, the President ensured that the bill on immigration reform would be passed in the first year of his tenure. Since then, no exercise pertaining to this issue has been carried out by the White House.

The government has always stated that bringing about a change in the immigration laws would need an attempt that is bipartisan in nature at the Congress. However, most of the immigration lawyers as well as critics have maintained that little has been contributed towards this issue by President Obama.

The President did make a mention pertaining to this issue during one of his speeches at the State of the Union. Although, he had referred that the Congress had put in efforts to come up with an effective plan. This was highly criticized by many advocates and GOP critics.

Gibbs added that the President would discuss the issue with the GOP lawmakers soon. Based on the outcome of the discussion, it would be decided whether any progress could be made or not.

The framework created by Graham and Schumer involves tougher security measures to be implemented at the US borders. More so, it has chalked out a way that could legalize the twelve million undocumented residents in the United States. The plan has introduced the use of biometric identity cards which would prove the eligibility of all immigrants working in the United States.

Despite the efforts made by the Senators, it is yet to be approved by the GOP senators. All in all, it is to be seen as to what outcome this would lead to.

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