“SPOT” – New Security Measure at Canadian Airports!

Immigration is going stringent! Along with body scanners and cameras, Canadian Airports will now be outfitted with special officers who would SPOT all those suspicious migrants on the basis of their attires, the way they look and also their behavior.

SPOT is elaborated as “Screening Passengers by Observation Technique” as US already has implemented this stringent security measure in its airports. Other countries are planning to introduce SPOT very soon. Some of the behaviors that would raise the alarm and make the security officials suspicious are: excessive sweating, nervousness, any person found wearing heavy attires and that too in warmer days, etc. But Transport Minister John Baird further said that the security measures would lead to delays like missed flights, stressful questioning sessions, to name a few.

People who would show the suspicious behavior would have to undergo the scanning while other passengers would have the choice to undergo either body scanning or manual pat-down done. Implementing SPOT would mean that passengers would be screened on the basis of the way they look, the way they behave, how they act, etc.

These measures are certainly making the task of immigrants planning to migrate to different countries tougher than ever before. Guidance from an Immigration veteran would assist you in knowing as to what is right and what is not!

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