Indians to grab maximum number of Global Blue Collar Jobs in coming years

Indians to grab maximum number of Global Blue Collar Jobs

✅ As per the stats, Indian workers such as painters, butchers, Plumbers, carpenters, electricians, drivers, farm workers, machine operators, domestic helpers, caregivers, and other blue-collar are in huge demand in foreign countries.

✅ The countries are facing a severe deficit of workers, an ageing population and a low birth rate. India has a rich population of semi-educated workforce with reasonable blue-collar skills.

✅ The Indian youth population is undergoing huge unemployment due to the deterioration of high-paid technical jobs in the information technology sector.

✅ The previous year, the youth unemployment in India for 20 and 24 years was 43.65%, which rose to 44.50% this year.

✅ The world’s most populated nation boasts the largest youth population, with over 40 million graduate enrollments. Soon, the graduates will find it difficult to get employed; therefore, the Indian youth will depend on moving abroad for blue-collar jobs.

✅ As per the statistics, English-speaking countries have a massive demand for industries such as manufacturing, construction, transportation, logistics, etc. India’s blue-collar workforce is a boon and a priceless resource for the global job market.

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