Britain’s Arrangements on Earned Citizenship and Transitional Arrangements!

Recently, the UK Border Agency (UKBA) elaborated on the transitional arrangements for the applicants who are on Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). In addition, UKBA specified on the conditions under which applicants can apply for ILR or British citizenship.

Also, the Government has taken into consideration the points that were commenced by the House of Commons and House of Lords and here are the mentioned arrangements:

  • If the applicant has ILR (settlement) on the date when earned citizenship is advanced, they have the freedom to apply for UK citizenship.
  • In case, if the applicant has applied for ILR before the introduction of the earned citizenship, and has been given ILR, then he or she is eligible to apply for a UK Citizenship.
  • The obligations would be the same for those entering the UK on the HSMP with respect to the Immigration rules.
  • The introduction has been extended by six months and now the (Sec 39-41 and 47-49 of Part 2 of the Act) Earned Citizenship will come out in July 2011.

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