How The Immigration New Zealand’s Client Complaint Resolution Process Works!

Immigration New Zealand’s Client Complaint Resolution Process is designed to have a more interactive way to deal with complaints that stem from the interaction between INZ and its clients. But, now the question arises what type of information you are needed to provide while lodging a complaint under the Client Complaint Resolution Process?

Here is a little information that could help you:

When you lodge a complaint, you are required to provide your full name, along with your Application /Client number of the case the complaint is about. In case, you are not provided with the Application/Client numbers, you can give your full name, date of birth, as well as your passport number. In your complaint, you need to provide the authority a precise description of the reasons for the complaint. To support your case, you can give other relevant documents as well.

A complaint may be of any kind that is related to application processing and any interaction between Immigration New Zealand and you. The INZ takes a maximum of two working days to acknowledge your complaint. After that you are most likely to receive response from the branch where your case was handled within fifteen days. However, in certain complex cases, the Branch Manager may take a little more time.

If you lodge the complaint at the office of the Deputy Secretary, then you may be required to wait for twenty days to receive response. In this case also the Deputy Secretary may take more than twenty days, of course in particular cases.

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