Quebec IIP – Faster Track to Immigration!

Canada has been rated for having the Safest Banking System in the world for the second consecutive year in a row by the World Economic Forum. With this, Canada has scored the highest for the ease of starting a new business. This is due to Canada’s immigration program for businessmen – The Immigrant Investor Program (IIP). There are two types of investor programs under this program – one is the Federal Investor program and another one is known as Quebec Investor program. Both the programs more or less offer the same; the Quebec Investor program has a slightly different eligibility criteria. However, the Quebec IIP might turn out to be the faster way to immigration (based on the applicant’s native country).

The Federal Investor program is catered for those who intend to reside anywhere in Canada apart from the Province of Quebec. For those, who intend to live and work in Quebec, they must apply under the Quebec Investor program.

For both the categories, an applicant has to acquire a net worth of CAD $800,000. In addition, the applicant must invest CAD $400,000 guaranteed by the government. This money would be returned to the candidate after a period of 5 years.

However, the candidate has to prove that he has had a minimum of two years of experience in a qualifying business in the last five years.

In the above case, under the Federal IIP, only the management experience in a commercial enterprise would be considered. On the other hand, in the Quebec IIP, management experience in any form would do. Due to this, Quebec has a better appeal when it comes to this program. Thus, the applicability is much broader when compared to the other program.

Also, the processing time for both the programs varies to a large extent. In this case, the immigrants selected for the Province of Quebec are processed faster at the federal level. However, it is subject to the processing in the particular visa office.

Thus, if you know French and are a businessman, this is a great opportunity for you to immigrate. Consult an Immigration and Visa Specialist who deals with Canadian Business Immigration since he would be the best person on suggesting you the right steps for a hassle free immigration.

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