149913 Facilities Manager Immigration Services to Australia

Australia is a tremendous location for the immigrants, as it offers numerous opportunities to the highly skilled professionals like Facilities Managers. In the current scenario, the booming economy of this southern hemisphere nation is a popular phenomenon and it has managed to establish itself in the auto mode. This has increased the demand for trained and qualified people significantly.  The abundance of readily available openings has attracted the people from worldover, and many are forming a beeline before the Aussie immigration windows to gain entry into this awesome country.

Gaining  entry into this country does not only gurantee a brighter prospect for the professional career, but this country offers rich social life to all inhabitants. Till now, the opinions registered by the new entrants clearly indicate that the vivid mix of the society of this southern hemishphere country is very safe and supportive. The government guarantees an equal treatment to all the inhabitants of the country and extends all possible support and assistance to all people.

The rising business and trade graph along with a substantial rise in the demand of trained expertise in the labor pool has created a sort of vacuum, which in the opinion of some experts can only be filled with the help of imported skills. The import of skills can only be made possible by establishing an initiative that can help in attracting adequately skilled immigrants. The government of Australia has thus with the help of the SKillSelect thrown open a fabulous system to the world, which does not only screens the requests of the new entrants for the suitability, but it also assists them in fulfilling the requirements of the application system.

The Facilities Manager has been clubbed under the unit code 1499 of ANZSCO (Other Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers). This code contains the complete information about the roles, obligations, qualifications and other sundry qualification requirements. The government has allotted cumulatively over 3000 places for the reference 1499 for the year 2013 – 2014 in the SKillSelect immigration process.

The professionals qualifying for code 149913 arrange, monitor, supervise and create a synchronization between the strategic and functional aspects of management of facilities in a public or private undertakings. To qualify for this trade code you must have a minimum of an AQF associate accomplishment, advanced diploma or diploma. In certain instances  a practical practice of a minimum period of 3 years can be used as a suitable substitute for the academic accomplishment. The authorities also mandate a training while being in employment  is certain conditions.

The application process for this trade code is quite simple and straightforward and we can easily divide it into 3 broader phases, i.e.

  • The preliminary phase
  • Creation and submission of EOI on Australia SKillSelect
  • Follow-up process

The preliminary phase of Australia SKillSelect application begins with location of the correct trade code from either the SOL (federal) or the CSOL (integrated). This exercise plays a pivotal   role in the Australian immigration system, because, in absence  of a relevant code you would not be able to place your request for immigration.

The next step in the prelims of skilled immigration for the trade code 149913 Facilities Manager includes submitting all the proofs of academic accomplishments and professional practice track record to the designated assessment agency, i.e. VETASSESS and obtaining a positive assessment advice from this body.

The second and the most important step of SKillSelect immigration begins with creation of EOI on the automated SKillSelect platform. You can place your request for following classes, i.e. 189 (federal), section 190 and 489 (provincial nomination), section 186 and 187 (employer nomination).

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