1st Online Skill Select Service for Expert Workers Completed

Certain reports pouring in from various sources suggest that the first programmed round of proposals to duly file petitions to do a job in Australia–via both available skilled choices, namely, Skilled Independent Permits & Skilled Family Sponsored Permits–has been concluded under SkillSelect, even while it went to trained workers.

Reportedly, the number of preset rounds of invites to duly apply to shift, made available under the mentioned session, was 100 spots even while the same is reported to be a remarkably lower figure than the figures which–as suggest reports–will be eventually sent invites for sessions to be suitably organized in the due course of time.

Qualified professionals–including engineers, dentists, doctors & nurses–thoroughly ruled the first session of qualified overseas people duly sent invites to officially file petitions for permits under the latest online program of the mentioned online service. Programmers, ICT analysts & accountants also found robust representation in the 100 invites sent, via the first session of SkillSelect. The trained expert workers are believed to have attracted the highest scoring applicants from the opening Expressions of Interest (EOI).

It needs to be mentioned that SkillSelect is an online service that make it possible for trained overseas workers–keen to shift to Down Under–to get their details duly recorded to be suitably weighed-in for a qualified permit, via an EOI. It fittingly assists to make certain that the system of trained movement of the overseas people to Australia is based on its specific economic requirements.

This highly useful online service extends valuable support to the administration in organizing and deciding as to who may duly apply for trained overseas movement, when such people may eventually do so, and in exactly what numbers. Reportedly, since July 1, 2012, via Skillselect, over 10,000 EOIs has been received by Immigration Australia.

Meanwhile, a spokesman from Immigration Australia was quoted as saying that it’s an exceptional outcome for the national financial system, firms/job-providers, not to mention for the country.

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