2151 – Architects in Canada!

Architects are always in demand as the construction of any building is dependent upon them only. They are the one who give shape to our imagination. Keeping the all-time need of architects for the growth and development of the country in mind, Citizenship and Immigration Canada has included architect in the list of 29 occupations under which an applicant can apply for immigration and permanent visa under skilled category for Canada.

Immigration Qualifying Criteria for Architects in Canada

  • The applicant must possess at least a bachelor’s degree from some recognized institution of architecture. Where required, he must have cleared the examination for architect registration.
  • An applicant for Immigration under this category must have an experience of at least one year in the related field that required qualifications as an Architect.
  • Overall, a person must have experience of around 2-4 years. But one’s years work experience can be affected by other factors as well such as the marital status of the applicant and his English language skills.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • They discuss the various issues with the clients in relation to style, design and purpose of any construction of building or some renovation work.
  • They are the main creators who are responsible for conceptualization and designing part of any construction work. They also develop plans and give specifications for any design; materials used for building, entire costs and also set schedules for construction.
  • They prepare various samples for buildings to be presented to client so that he can select the best from those samples.
  • They are also supposed to supervise the preparation of designs construction of documents to be used by contractors and clients.
  • They will also be required to prepare bidding documents.
  • They are also responsible to supervise various activities on construction sites to make sure that construction of building is according to the specifications.
  • They can also specialize in some specific area of construction such as industrial, commercial, residential or institutional.

If you are an architect and are willing to migrate to Canada, you are definitely on the safer side since the doors of immigration and permanent residency status are open for you. For further information and guidance, you can contact us at [email protected] in relation to your queries on immigration to Canada.

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