221111 Accountant (General) in Australia!

For all those planning to immigrate to Australia in search of better opportunities for life, they must know about the ANZSCO list. This list caters to all those jobs which require skilled professionals from overseas. The ANZSCO list consists of the Schedule 3 and Schedule 4 list with each containing a set of occupations.

For those applicants whose occupation is mentioned in the Schedule 3 list, they have to apply for immigration under the General Skilled Migrant category. The applicants for the Schedule 4 list have to apply under the Sponsored (State Nomination/Blood Relation) or under Regional Programs. For both the above instances, the applicants have to score a total of 120 to the least in order to qualify for immigration. The job of an Accountant (General) is listed in the both Schedule 3 and 4.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Help in developing policies pertaining to budget and accounts.
  • Carrying out financial investigations, suggesting on issues like mergers, suspected fraud, taxation, insolvency, preparing reports and so on.
  • Making financial statements for presentations to the management, board of directors, governing bodies and shareholders.
  • Ensuring information accuracy for the financial reports along with their abidance with all the legal requirements.
  • Evaluating costs pertaining to operations, income of the organization along with the expenditure.


  • A bachelor’s degree or higher education.
  • In some cases, both qualification as well as relevant experience is required to qualify for the same.
  • On the job training might be required in specific cases.

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