221112 Management Accountant ANZSCO (Australia)!

Management Accountant is one of the occupations, which is present on the ANZSCO list of occupation (a list which specifies the occupations which are in demand in Australia). In order to apply under the GSMP, it is essential that the occupation should fall into the Schedule 3 category. And if the occupation is falling into Schedule 4, then it is required to apply under the Sponsored (State Nomination/Blood Relation) or under Regional Programs. Management Accountant falls in the category of both Schedule 3 and Schedule 4. Therefore, the applicant has the choice of applying under either of the categories. Note that you must fulfill some of the main responsibilities to qualify for the same.

Tasks and Responsibility

  • Assist in formulating budgetary
  • The application is required to plan policies in accounts.
  • He is needed to craft financial statements to be used in various presentations.
  • Conduct financial investigations and provide security that apt information has been given in the financial reports.
  • Prepare taxation returns.
  • Maintaining records and internal control systems and may appraise cash flow in some cases.
  • Maintain accounting systems.


  • It is essential to have a minimum qualification of a bachelor degree or higher qualification.
  • OR a minimum of five years of experience in the concerned field of accountancy or on-the-job training.
  • In several cases, companies may ask for both ‘experience’ as well as ‘qualification’.

Moreover, there is a list of other responsibilities, tasks and qualifications attached with this profession. Get in touch with [email protected] and know more.

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