232111 Architects in Australia!

The ANZSCO list has been brought out by the Australian government which enlists all those occupations for which the nation is short of skilled labor. Qualified foreign professionals from overseas are invited to apply for immigration to Australia. The ANZSCO list consists of two lists – Schedule 3 and Schedule 4.

The Schedule 3 occupation list caters to those jobs which could be applied for via the General Skilled Migrant program. However, the Schedule 4 has occupations which have to be applied for via the Sponsored (State Nomination/Blood Relation) or under Regional Programs. In the both cases, the applicant must score a minimum of 120 points in order to qualify for immigration.

The job of an architect is mentioned in both Schedule 3 and 4 which gives an option to the applicants to apply under any of the above mentioned categories. Below mentioned are some of the duties and responsibilities which an architect would be expected to perform.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Taking suggestions from clients while deciding on the style, size and type of the buildings planned and to bring about changes in the existing buildings.
  • Inspection of the construction work being carried out to make sure that it is being done as planned, according to the specifications and the standards of quality.
  • Consultations with clients and professionals regarding the external area design, construction and its cost.
  • Catering to information pertaining to materials, designs as well as the estimation of time for the work to be done.
  • Developing the project documentation which also involves scale drawings as well as sketches and other elements of design.

Apart from the above, there are additional responsibilities which the professional would be expected to perform.


  • A bachelor’s degree or higher education.
  • In rare cases, both qualification as well as relevant experience is required to qualify for the same.
  • On the job training would also be preferred.

If you are an architect intending to immigrate to Australia for better opportunities, write to us at [email protected] to know more on the same.

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