241111 Early Childhood (pre-primary school) Teacher in Australia

An Early Childhood teacher is also known as a Kindergarten teacher. This occupation has been listed by the Australian government in its ANZSCO list of occupations. These occupations are those which are short of skilled professionals in the nation. So, foreign skilled migrants are invited to apply under these occupations and immigrate to Australia.

The ANZSCO list caters to two lists namely- Schedule 3 and Schedule 4. The occupations present in Schedule 3 have to be applied for through the General Skilled Migrant program. However, the occupations mentioned in Schedule 4 have to be applied through Sponsored (State Nomination/Blood Relation) or under Regional Programs. When it comes to the occupation of a kindergarten teacher, it is mentioned in both the above lists which provides with an option for the applicant.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Catering to learning through both indoor and outdoor environment with the help of various materials and equipment to alleviate the development of the students.
  • Evaluating the progress of students by observing them and identify any signs of illness, disabilities or emotional disturbance.
  • Discussing the progress of the student with their parents.
  • Taking part in programs catering to the community as well as family support as and when needed.
  • Developing activities which could provide a wide range of experiences for the students and could enhance their cooperative social skills, understanding, and motor skills and in turn making them more confident.

Apart from the above, there are additional responsibilities which the professional would be expected to perform.


  • A bachelor’s degree or higher education.
  • In some cases, both qualification as well as relevant experience is required to qualify for the same.
  • On the job training might be required in specific cases.

If you are an early childhood teacher intending to immigrate to Australia for better opportunities, write to us at [email protected] to know more on the same.

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