25 Per Cent Cut in Non-EU Entries recommended!

It has been recommended by the Migration Advisory Committee of the United Kingdom that there should be a cut in the number if people coming in from outside EU into Britain. If the decision is implemented, the cut of around 13 to 25 per cent would be expected by next year.

A report has been submitted to the authorities of government by MAC. The same says that thirty seven four hundred and forty three thousand seven hundred should be the quantity of visas which should be issued under the categories of Tier 1 and Tier 2 next year. This statistics point out in the direction that there would be a reduction of six thousand three hundred to twelve thousand six hundred over the year 2009

The news would serve a bad blow for all those non-EU entries intending to immigrate to Britain, for latter being one of the most prospective nations to immigrate in terms of crafting a better future.

MAC made suggestions regarding the Tier 1 General process. The suggestion was to reduce the quantity of visas of entry clearance issue, if the same comparison is done with the year 2009, in the bounds of three thousand one hundred and fifty to six thousand three hundred

In addition to this, there was a suggestion to put a curb on the quantity of Tier 1 entry clearance visas which falls in the ambit of 8,000 to 11,100 in the coming next year.

As far as the Tier 2 shortage occupation is concerned, RLMT (resident labor market test) and intra-company transfer process, a recommendation has been provided by MAC, the curbing down of the issuance of entry clearance visas as compared to the previous year, in the range of 3,150 to 6,300 and a curbing down on the quantity of entry clearance visas for the category of Tier 2 in the confines of twenty nine thousand four hundred to thirty two thousand six hundred in the next year.

Switchers, extensions, as well as dependants are not included in this limit.

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