India 2nd Biggest Source of Migrants, Mexico Tops the Table

In a key development, it has been brought to light what we all knew since long. India is one of the leading contributors of migrants to the various top destinations of the world. It comes next only to the North American country of Mexico in terms of global migrants. India is also the 9th leading place for all migrants.

The study on which this report is based further says that more than 77 million migrants or nearly 36% of the worldwide total have turned–up from the 10 leading origin nations. On the whole, Mexico leads the table with 12.9 million migrants, closely followed by India which at 11.8 million migrants is not far behind. The neighboring Russia follows India with 11.3 million migrants.

Besides, the People’s Republic of China with 8.4 million global migrants, Bangladesh with 6.5 million global migrants and Ukraine with 6.5 million global migrants each to their credit have more than 6 million emigrants. Since the United Nations (UN) considers both Palestinian expatriates and their offspring as refugees, the territories of Palestine have contributed nearly 5.7 million refugees.

With as many as 43 million residents born overseas, the United States has more than thrice as many global expatriates as any other single country of the globe even as 11 million of such migrants happen to have arrived illegally on the US shores. The study also reveals that more than 50% of the global total, have been shared by the 10 leading world destinations.

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