30,000 Indian Students Left Australia in 2009!

As reported by the Federation of Indian Students in Australia, many thousands of Indian students have left Australia last year following a series of attacks, stricter visa regulations and refusal of permanent residency to immigrants by the nation. The consequences can be evident even today as the Indian students no longer find Australia visa a luring affair. Ever since 2009, Indian students have continued to withdraw their visa applications they had filed at some point of time. Talking about the students, about 30,000 pupils left the nation, most were being based in Melbourne.

The figure has been published in newest issue of the magazine, Indian Student, where it is said that the Kangaroo land is no longer the favored immigration land for pupils from India. This is evident from the figures released recently. A prime reason that caused the students to leave the country is the racial attacks. Some other factors responsible for the back out include lesser employment opportunities. While refusal of PR to many Indians, even after meeting the eligibility criteria is one of the several reasons, stated by the magazine.

Another important reason that has been discouraging Indian students since last year is the higher value of the Australian dollar. This has become a very expensive affair for the student community.

The Oz education industry is one of those industries in Australia that earn the country. The education industry alone fetches almost 18 billion Australian Dollars every year. But, with the Australian dollar getting stronger, the education cost one has to bear in the Kangaroo land is no less than the nations like the US, Canada and the UK.

As per the statistical figures of September, 2010, Australia witnessed a decrease of fifty percent in Oz immigration from Indian students, when compared to figures during the same time in 2009. While there is an overall drop in the Australian visa applications from foreign students from across the globe, applications from Indian students have seen the largest decline. Student visas for Canada, UK and US are now some of the best favored options among Indian students.

With decline of Indian students coming to Australia, who contribute a lot to the Australian education industry, the industry could suffer heavily!

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