400,000 Illegal Migrants Deported from US!

According to officials, about 400, 000 undocumented migrants have been subject to deportation by the US government this year. As per Janet Napolitano, the Homeland Security Secretary and John Morton, the Assistant Secretary for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, 392,000 illegal migrants have been removed by the ICE. This number of people has been removed till 30th September.

The officials also said that more than half of the above mentioned figure which comes to about 195, 000 were convicted of criminal offences. Compared to the Bush administration, there has been an increase by about 70 percent when it comes to the deportation of convicted criminals.

As per Napolitano, the Obama administration has concentrated on implementing the laws pertaining to immigration in an effective manner. These cater to imposing public safety as well as national security and consider the employers as being responsible who repeatedly breaking the law.

With this, ICE has also taken to operations against those employers who knowingly hire illegal migrants. Such employers would be imposed with a fine of $50 million. These operations were put in place since January 2009.

Above all, illegal migration has been one of the major issues which have been taking the rounds among the political circuits as well as among the common masses. Deportation is definitely a major step in this regard. However, more needs to be done in order to stop the illegal migrants who cross the borders unknowingly.

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