Get To Know About 457 Australian Visa Latest Changes

Come July 1, 2013, and the proposed changes to the much talked about 457 Australian Permit Scheme will come into force. New updates proclaimed by the administration on the said permit scheme include, among others;

  1. Swell of permit submission fee with the same being increased to $900. Presently, $455 is the fee. The administration estimates that the augmentation in the fee–for filing a petition for the visa in question–will generate close to $198 million over the coming 4 four years.
  2. The national recruiters/firms will have to make every possible effort to hire the nationals, prior to thinking about exploring overseas options. Fundamentally, although the recruiters/job providers will have to publicize a job-opening, they could also be required to take their openings to the many jobs expos and/or recruitment bureaus, to hunt for the required manpower locally.
  3. Exemption threshold to be hiked to $250,000. This is allegedly to make certain that superior paid wages employees remain unaffected through the hiring of the workers from abroad, at a comparatively cheaper rate.

In the backdrop of the elections, to be held later this year, there has been a great deal of politically motivated activities involving the proposed amendments to the 457 Permit with some political chiefs have claiming that behind making the submission process for the said permits somewhat difficult is the intent to duly safeguard the employment interests of the nationals.

Meanwhile, some people reportedly claim that the amendments would have a not too positive influence on the existing 457 permit holders. This is not true as, according to the Australian Department of Immigration, there ought to be no negative effects on the present permit holders, in case they are involved with the right things. Still, the permit holders–keen to change their job-positions or hunt for an additional 457 Permit–would do well to keep a watch on the proposed modifications.

Some others allege that the amendments will affect the future 457 permit aspirants. This is also not right as a significant section of the 457 visa candidates, who are real, will not be affected, in any manner whatsoever, by the modifications. In certain specific situations though the aspirants–whose submissions are duly processed post July 1, 2013–could have to furnish extra proof to establish their claims for a 457 Permit.

As far as the allegations of the changes influencing the national businesses go, well, the amendments will not negatively influence most of the recruiters who are utilizing the program in a proper way. This, however, is not to suggest that the modifications will not boost the administration’s capability to spot & stop employer practices which are against the 457 program’s objectives.

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