457 Visa List Highest Amongst Medical and Computing Professionals

With the continuing attacks on Indians in Australia, news on immigration shows a 49% drop in the last five months till November. This is post the implementation of laws placing immigrants at par with the locals when it came to remuneration. All the Australian employers were ordered to pay equal wages to all the immigrant workers with the excepted working conditions and nothing less than that would do.

Inspite of the fall in the application count, it has been found that medical practitioners such as those of nurses and trainee doctors along with computing professionals are the highest in number to apply. Commonly known as the 457 visa list, it did see a slight rise in the numbers in late October and November but it cannot be considered as sufficient enough when compared to the earlier numbers. Also, one of the reasons for this was the employers getting acquainted with the new rules and regulations brought out by the DIAC.

A recent report on temporary workers in Australians catered proof of the amends made to have had an impact on the average income which has increased from AU$74,700 to AU$85,300 in the same year during this particular period. This report released by Chris Evans, the Immigration Minister for Australia.

The 457 visas is one of the many visa programs offered by the Australian government to attract immigrants who are skilled and qualified and could contribute to the Australian economy. The recent changes in the salary schemes can be considered as one of the many motives that the country is trying to project, especially when it is under constant criticism.

All in all, it is for the Australian government to tackle the issue more effective for the desired results to show.

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