800,000-Plus New Jobs in Australia Over Next 5 Yrs!

Great news for those keen to do a well-paying job out-of-the-country! As per an estimate from the Australia Department of Jobs and Small Business, employment across the country will jump by 886,100 (or 7.1%) over the five years to May 2023. The long-term structural movement in employment towards services businesses is projected to carry on over the next five years.

Given this, Down Under is the right place for you to be at, if you are overseas immigration motivated person and interested to do a rewarding job out-of-the-country.

Oz A Haven for Job Seekers

Since this highly developed global economy is churning-out numerous rewarding jobs for the professionals of all kinds at a time when such jobs are hard to find elsewhere, it is hardly a matter of surprise that Oz is a considered a haven for the ambitious and enterprising individuals, especially the skilled workers.

The national economy of the Kangaroo Land has some impressive figures even as it is famous the world over for leaving a strong mark on the global platform across a vast range of measures against its international counterparts.

New Jobs in Australia Over Next 5 Yrs

Oz’s Employment Data

As per the available information, in 2018, Down Under had a low 5.3% rate of unemployment, with national average weekly earnings of $1,207, and an Economic Growth rate of 3.4% (according to the Reserve Bank of Australia 2018). Apart from this, the Kangaroo Land is in its 27th successive year of yearly economic expansion and progress, and this is no mean achievement. As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), Down Under is one of the few economies in the post-WWII era to achieve this remarkable feat (2017-18).

Oz is also the 2nd richest country in the world, in terms of capital per adult, next only to Switzerland – (2017), even as it is projected to have the world’s 13th highest GDP. Adding to the appeal of Australia as a place worth moving to for a better life and more wages, a statement from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) says that it is the 11th highest GDP per capita in US dollar terms (2017).

Main Players

While Health Care & Social Assistance would be most pivotal and make the most remarkable contributions to the increase of work opportunities (heading north by 250,300), Construction (118,800), Education and Training (113,000) and Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (106,600) would succeed it.

Jointly, these four specific businesses would offer nearly 66.4% or two-thirds of the whole employment increase over the next five years to May 2023.

Allegedly, Down Under would expand and develop strongly in the coming two decades well supported by an increasing populace and its gateway nearness to the future world economic heads of the trio of India, China and Japan.

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